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Learning is a continuous process. With Caregiving, we start with the basics. Hummingbird School for Caregivers & Managers will guide you from novice level on your way to becoming a veteran caregiver. We provide caregiver training in the following levels of service:

  • Supervisory Care
  • Personal Care
  • Directed Care

The training program we employ is designed to help caregiving students earn an Arizona State Caregiving Certificate. This will serve as the proof of being a state-certified professional, capable of delivering quality caregiving services to patients in medical facilities or individuals who are home-bound in their private residences.

Hummingbird School for Caregivers & Managers has been approved by the Arizona Board of Nursing Care Institute Administrators.

The teachers in the Hummingbird School for Caregivers & Managers are in conformity with R9-10-724 of the NCIA Board rules and statutes.

We also offer Continuing Education Units to keep the certificate you earned as current as possible. This is part of the continuous learning process that makes experts out of beginners.

You can learn more about our programs as posted on our website. We hope that you will begin your educational journey into Caregiving with us.

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